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Who are we?

We are a not for profit organization focused on strengthening the local economy of the greater Kansas City and surrounding areas.

Our mission is to strengthen the local economy by creating an environment where Kansas City products are at the fore front of people’s minds and they are displayed with pride in our establishments.  We believe that in doing so we will create a stronger and smarter local economy where companies who manufacture products locally, thrive.

We believe in a Kansas City where companies manufacture their products locally. This is a Kansas City where these companies thrive.

We seek to strengthen the local economy by creating an environment where Kansas City products are the first choice, where local products are displayed with pride in our establishments, and where you can find those products quickly and easily.

We know that by providing people with the tools to choose local products, we empower them to build a smarter and stronger Kansas City.


Our Holistic Approach to a Smarter and Stronger KC.

Part 1: The Trademark

MadeinKansasCityLogo (1)

The Made in Kansas City trademark was developed for use by companies that are producing their products in the Greater Kansas City and surrounding area. This allows people as consumers to only have one seal to seek out in the marketplace to know that we are choosing to support local businesses by purchasing a product.  The mark is flexible in color and scale so it can change as needed for each product that it may be displayed on. This allows each company to participate without compromising on their branding and empowers the public to choose where their money goes after its spent.

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Part 2: The Establishments ( The Icons )

Establishments that offer local products are also eligible to use a designated trademark to set themselves apart from others and become icons in the community. By choosing to offer local products and identifying themselves as doing so, independent establishments (such as fashion boutiques and restaurants) can offer a deeper connection to improving the local economy. Patrons can then seek out these establishments to find their favorite local brands and in doing so continue to build a smarter and stronger local economy.

Part 1 and Part 2 will then be built into an app so that folks can find their favorite local products in their daily lives and choose to support local businesses in the establishments that offer them.  By doing this, we therefore are empowering the public to vote with their dollars in their daily lives.

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Part3: Bridging the Gap Between Startups and Manufacturing.

One of the challenges that startups face is choosing a manufacturer when they’re ready to scale.  We are working to help Kansas City Startups by building relationships with the local manufacturers and understanding their capabilities. We are taking this information and building it into a platform that startups can use to identify what their options are for manufacturing here in Kansas City.  Its no secret that there are an abundance of manufacturing opportunities abroad, but we believe that by identifying what the opportunities are in Kansas City we can help make the connections that may not been foreseen and help identify entrepreneurial opportunities for growth where they may be.

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